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OdorXit Review & Giveaway


OdorXit offers a line of safe and natural malodor elimination products. OdorXit products can rid your environment of odor, mold, spores, viruses, bacteria, smoke and other airborne gases that make terrible smells.

One source of odor in my home was cat urine. We adopted our cat right after we purchased our new home. After a year she began to have behavioral issues one of which was making my dining room her new litter box. Needless to say the cat had to go and I was left with an unpleasant cat urine odor in the carpet. I tried all of the products I could find and none of them worked. Having friends and family over was embarrassing because of the aroma that just wouldn’t go away. So when I was asked to try OdorXit products I jumped at the chance. I received four of the products they offer along with The OdorXit Odor Control and Odor Elimination Bible.

The first product I tried was the OdorXit Concentrate. Since this product can be diluted with water and safely applied to carpet I knew where I was going to use it. I used it right in my carpet cleaning machine and went right to work on destroying the odor. The one thing I like about this company is that they are straight forward with you. There are no false promises here just honest advice and great products that do their part in eliminating odors. The results I’ve obtained using the OdorXit Concentrate have been wonderful!  By far this product has exceeded the results of any other product I’ve tried in the past. OdorXit Concentrate can also be used on flooring, walls, furniture, bathroom tile, cabinetry, concrete, fabric, leather and many other material and surfaces to eliminate odor.

OdorXit Concentrate

The next product I tried was the OdorXit Magic. This is a quick acting and long lasting temporary solution to eliminating odors. It uses a gas absorption process to trap and neutralize a wide variety of odors in the air. I like to use this around my trash can and I’ve also sprayed it directly onto my air filters to keep the house smelling fresh.


Third is OdorXit Air Quality Manager (O-AQM). It controls airborne odors from mold, mildew, cooking, smoke allergens and more up to 30 days. It uses a new and patented delivery system to  oxidize the source of the odors and eliminate them.

OdorXit Air Quality Manager

Fourth is OdorXit SurfaceGuard MOMS (Mold Odor Mildew Smoke). This is an effective cleaner and deodorizer that controls mold, mildew and odor and eliminates smoke and hard to control odors subject to oxidation. Oxidation is known to kill the source of the odor.

Both of these products are easy to use, fast acting odor eliminators. Kills fungus, spores, bacteria and viruses, tobacco and fire smoke odors,  garbage odors, skunk spray as well as many other organic odors at their sources. Both use chlorine dioxide gas as an oxidizer to eliminate odors quickly and permanently.

If you’ve been looking for an effective organic way to eliminate odors in your home look no further then OdorXit.

Thanks to OdorXit they will be giving away 1- 16 oz bottle of OdorXit Concentrate and 1-8 oz bottle of OdorXit Magic! A value of $50 Value!! Enter using the raffelcopter below.

Good Luck!

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*Product and information was provided free of charge in exchange for this post and giveaway  and does not affect my views or feedback of the product or service. This post is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary from person to person.

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  1. glori johnson says

    i would like to try odorxit because it may work better than the bleach solution that i have been using alone in trying to disinfect my laundry room.

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