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Pure Health Naturally Fruit Juices + Giveaway

Queen of Savings was provided with a sample product at no cost to me for review purposes only. This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary from person to person.


Pure Health provides high quality wellness products that contain no additives or fillers. Only the purest of ingredients are used giving you the best quality in health products. I’ve tried several of the Pure Health products before and always enjoy my experience with them. I like knowing that a company like Pure Health takes the extra effort to personally make sure the ingredients they buy come straight from the source that grows them, using no chemicals or additives on them.  Recently I’ve tried five more and I’ve been pleased with all of them.

Pure Health Naturally Fruit Juices

Pure Health has created three new Superfruit Juices, Pome Berries, Goji Cranberry & Acai Blueberry. Pome Berries is a blend of Pomegranate, one of the worlds oldest Superfruits with mixed berries with a sweet burst of grapes and pineapple. This juice provides 100% of Vitamins C & B12 of the recommended daily allowance and is only 80 calories per serving.The Goji Cranberry juice’s main ingredient is the Goji Berrywhich has been used throughout Asia for cooking and is known as the “Happy Fruit” and festivals are actually held each year to celebrate this fruit. Most of us know that Acai is one of the more popular Superfruits of today, these dark, tangy berries grow along the Amazon River and are gathered by hand and sold all over the world. Combine Acai Berries with Blueberries and a splash of grapes and pineapple and you have a tart, but slightly sweet juice that also has 100% of your daily allowance of Vitamins C & B12.

I know how much you all are looking forward to trying Pure Health’s new Superfruit juices so I am offering one bottle of each variety as a giveaway to one of my lucky readers. Just enter using the giveaway tools widget below and be sure to show them some love on facebook, twitter, Pinterest & YouTube.



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  1. savanah bourgeois says

    I try to purchase products that are healthier for my family and I to enjoy. I often find them WAY too expensive but if it has less sugars and has REAL fruit in it I will pay more for it.

  2. Penni says

    I always buy juice that’s good for my health, such as organic pomegranate juice. I don’t make my choices based on what’s on sale.

  3. Erin Madigan says

    I try my hardest to buy what is healthiest, but sometimes with my budget I just have to buy what is on sale.

  4. Melissa hartley says

    I usually buy juice on sale especially apple juice & Sunny Delite but this juice sounds yummy & more healthy..thanks!

  5. Kenneth Ostrer says

    It’s a combination of both. I like to buy healthy food in general including juice. if it’s inexpensive even better. win! win!

  6. Jorge Alexander Granda says

    I do not do the shopping, but if I did, I would buy only what is healthy and good for me.

  7. Alice F says

    We try to eat healthy at our house and it would be wonderful to win the Juice and continue that tradition.

  8. sARALYNNS2 says

    i try to find a juice that is not overpriced, but has few added ingredients and lower calorie content… it’s not always easy!

  9. diane mcmahon says

    love fresh juice, but it is getting very expensive to purchase 100% juice. thanks for the opportunity to win some

  10. cassandra says

    i check all labels with juice however sometimes i let some ingredients slide because in moderation it is okay to have something with too much sugar

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