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Re-Body’s SafSlim and Hunger Chews Review & Giveaway


I’m really excited to tell you all about Re-body Weight Loss Nutrition’s SafSlim & Hunger Chews. This belly fat attacker is endorsed by Montel Williams & has appeared on the Dr. Oz show. This isn’t your ordinary weight loss product. SafSlim specifically reduces belly fat! It’s main ingredient is safflower oil and it’s all-natural and free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors. A major university study conducted on post-menopausal women who had high blood sugar and wanted to lose weight showed they had an average reduction of 6.3% belly fat. SafSlim is powered by patent-pending SAFActive78 emulsification technology. Suggested use is to take 1 tablespoon twice daily before meals. You can take it by itself or mix into a cold beverage. I personally love the taste so I just put mine in the refrigerator and take it by spoonful. For this review I tried the Delicious Berry Cream Fusion flavor. It’s flavor reminds me of a popular strawberry cream saver candy. 😉  I’ve only been using this product for three weeks and I have to tell you how impressed I am. I’m already seeing the signs of it working just in this short time. How can I tell? A lady knows by the way her pants fit her! My once tight fitting favorite jeans are now comfortable to sit in again. :)  SafSlim comes in three flavors: tangerine cream fusion, pina colada cream fusion and the strawberry cream that I tried. It comes in either 16 oz. for $29.99 or 32 oz. container for $56.99.

SafSlim Berry Cream Fusion

The Re-Body Hunger Chews are great for controlling hunger and overeating and curb sugar and snack cravings. It contains active ingredient Satiereal Saffron Extract 88.5 mg. I have a bad habit of grazing or eating emotionally. These hunger chews help with those impulses and I don’t have to worry about overeating. Each chew only has 20 calories and you can take 1 chew twice a day. It comes in a yummy mandarin orange flavor. The package contains 30 chews for $29.99.


SafSlim won the Best Product Innovation Product Award from GNC in 2011 and has since become a nationally-known brand for weight management. If you’re looking for a great product you’ve found it. You can read success stories here.

Thanks to  Re-Body one lucky winner will get to try the SafSlim and Hunger Chews!

All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below.

Good Luck!

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*Product and information was provided free of charge in exchange for this post and giveaway and does not affect my views or feedback of the product or service. This post is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary from person to person.

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  1. Danielle Priser says

    These sound great for when hubby and I get ‘hungry’ in the evenings- maybe it will keep us from snacking on junk too late at night!

  2. Marlene V says

    I like that the Hunger Chews are great for controlling hunger and overeating and curb sugar and snack cravings. This is perfect for me!!! I love my snacks and carbs

  3. Annie Freebie says

    They both look great! I like the SafSlim because I really, really need to lose some weight, especially around my belly. I love the sound of the Hunger Chews to keep me from snacking in between meals or late at night when I get hungry.

  4. Les S. says

    I like that it won the Best Product Innovation Product Award last year. I REALLY could use a little boost with weight loss.


    Well I am literally frustrated to tears with my weight loss efforts that mean so much to me but yet it feels like I make very little if any progress and I’m always hungry besides, so I LIKE THAT: These products bring back a new sense of hope in trying something new and that they can help me as an appetite suppressant too.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity to both you and the sponsor. I really appreciate even having a chance.

  6. Kimberly says

    I love to snack and I get hunger cravings in the late afternoon. I end up eating when I shouldn’t. The Hunger Chews sound fantastic because then I could control my cravings.

  7. Connie Gruning says

    I love that they reduce feelings of hunger and help prevent snacking. I’m a big snacker! This would be awesome!

  8. says

    I usually have a bit of a sugar crash mid afternoon, which keeps me reaching for something sweet. I love that the Chews only have 20 calories, so I don’t have to feel guilty about reaching for those!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  9. cassandra (rab pom) says

    I would love to try this I am always snacking at night and really need to cut back. Whenver I am bored I just neeeddd to eat!

  10. saffron extract says

    Saffron is a plant that has been used in cooking,
    perfumery and dyeing textiles for millennia. Well, mainly by encouraging the body’s production of
    adiponectin, a natural protein which speeds up the breakdown
    of fat. A fat person is always in a depressed mood because of his
    fat and keeps dreaming about cutting his flab instantly.

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