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~Hauntingly Scrumptious Halloween Goodies~


I love Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays. Decorating, dressing up and making yummy treats is all part of the excitement. Every holiday I try to make something different that I’ve never made before. I’m very particular about what I make. I’m a busy lady and I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen but still want that finished look like I did. 😉 Well today I want to share some of the hauntingly scrumptious Halloween goodies I made this year.

Hauntingly Scrumptious Halloween Goodies

My inspiration for this year was Hershey’s Boo Blvd. This online site has lots of ideas like recipes, crafts, costume ideas and fun stuff to do. Hershey’s was nice enough to send me a package of Halloween Reese’s/Kit Kat Minis 115 pieces for me to review so I wanted to incorporate them into my baking this year. I wish you guys could’ve seen my daughter’s face when she saw all those Reese’s! These are her favorite so when I saw the recipe for Broomsticks I knew they would be a big hit. This recipe is so simple. All you need are Reese’s miniatures, pretzel sticks and Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was so simple that my daughter did most of the work.


Next was the oh so yummy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Coated Apples. You just can’t go wrong when you mix these two together! Now this recipe was a little more difficult and there really wasn’t much the little ones could do. But if you’re up for the task the reward is well worth it. We tweaked the recipe a bit and rolled ours in chopped Reese’s miniatures instead of peanuts.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Coated Apples

And last but not least were the cupcakes. Everything here was out of a package. We happened to find orange and black frosting at one of our local stores and the kids begged me to buy it. I couldn’t resist and I think the cupcakes turned out great. We topped them off with several different kinds of sprinkles and of course some Reese’s Pieces.

Halloween Cupcakes

We had lots of fun preparing these yummy Halloween treats and eating them too! Thanks to Hershey’s one lucky reader will get to enjoy a 115 pc Halloween Reese’s /Kit Kat Minis!

Reeses KitKat Halloween Minis

All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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  1. Angela Kinder says

    Our favorite tradition would have to be decorating Halloween morning. It’s chilly, and it makes it definitely feels like Halloween.

  2. Ann Fantom says

    Our Halloween tradition is that we always play our halloween music, carve the pumpkins and then roast the pumpkin seeds.

  3. Kaci Harrison says

    Creepy pumpkin roll, omg I’m making it today for my party tonight and I salivate just thinking about it!!!! YAY!!

  4. Cindy S says

    Our favorite tradition is to decorate our front bay window with lots of fun Halloween decorations – a life size witch, pumpkins, bats, lights!

  5. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Our favorite tradition is to make our own costumes. We buy some accessories and effects, but put them together ourselves.

  6. says

    I used to love Halloween when both my children were here….not so much anymore.

    I did see an interesting recipe the other day for a leftover candy cookie.

  7. Michelle W. says

    We make mummy dogs, spiders and pretzel bones. We also trick or treat in our neighborhood.
    Michelle W.

  8. debbie kanastab says

    We do late night trick or treating, in our neighborhood. Everybody decorates their houses, and everybody has a good tme.

  9. Angie Adelman says

    I love to just hand out candy and see all the kids in their different and unique costumes….this year my daughter is old enough she is taking her brother trick or treating….I think that is going to be unique

  10. Julie Thompson says

    a group of friends make varius thing and drink hot chocolat while we sit outside and have a little party and watch all the kids and their cute costumes and we enjoy our Halloween at the same time as the kids as we get to see there faces light up when we give them candy from so many people at once it in really nice

  11. DeeAnn S says

    Our tradition is to grow our own small pumpkins, then paint faces on them to sit out on the front porch. After Halloween, I like to cook them up for pumpkin pies, breads, and cookies! Thanks.

  12. ruth nangle says

    in the past we made homemade pizza and taffyapples and carved pumpkins then went trick or treating… kids are getting older now, so its time to start new traditions with the grandkids… and of course share the Hershey candies

  13. Kate F. says

    We always have a Halloween party on my mom’s side of the family at my grandparents’ house. I always love doing the “mummy wrap” game – we get into teams and wrap someone up with toilet paper like a mummy. The first team finished wins.

  14. Andrea Williams says

    Nothing special. We just love all the different kinds of candy and usually do something special at school that day.

  15. Krystal M says

    Nothing much, really… I like getting pumpkin seeds around Halloween, though. And getting Halloween themed candies!

  16. Christine Waddell says

    No traditions. We lived so far out in the country when the kids were little that the only Halloween they knew was whatever was done at school and/or church.

  17. Carla Bonesteel says

    We don’t do much…we hang my two-headed baby upside down over the doorway, and leave a bowl of candy for trick or treaters…they love the two-headed baby.

  18. ashley c says

    We always make pumpkin roll, not necessarily Halloween themed but it reminds me of Halloween


  19. Taryn Pasco says

    The Halloween thing I make every year is Pumpkin Seeds! I just love love baking them the night we carve our pumpkins! Yumm! :)

  20. says

    My fave Halloween tradition is to let the kids have a ton of fun trick or treating, then let them indulge in a few pieces before heading off to bed, and then waiting until I hear the sweet sound of their relaxed breathing, and then I ravage the candy bowl for all the Kit Kats and Reese’s cups! LOL

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  21. Luna S. says

    I would love to try and make a Pumpkin roll,Tradition wise we try to dress up as a certain theme each year, family & friends included.

  22. says

    Our favorite Halloween tradition is having pizza before we get dressed up and head out trick or treating. I love seeing the kids in their costumes! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  23. gina says

    No, but this year I tried to make roasted pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin we carved, but they didnt come out good at all. I have big dreams of one year having a fabulous Halloween party.

  24. Teresa says

    Around this time of year I start pulling out all of my favorite pumpkin type recipes and then troll the net for new ideas. Found a delicious Pumpkin Latte recipe!

  25. Marie C says

    I would fix a big dinner before going door to door so that my kids wouldn’t really want too much candy that night. It’s something my mother would do. So that’s our tradition.

  26. Carla says

    I make a jackolantern pizza, roll out Halloween cookies, & a cemetary cake w tombstone cookies & candles on it. My tradition is to have the best Trick Or Treat on the block, w/ a bench set up w/ a Halloween tablecloth on it and Halloween bowls of candy, cookies, chips, fruit, and boiled egg ghosts. I have the place all decorated, w/ pumpkin lights, Halloween music playing, & I dress up.

  27. Dorothy Hubbard says

    Since my kids are grown & gone the only thing I do is look forward to the little ones that come to my door,

  28. Peter G says

    Always dress up at Halloween and the last child that comes to the door, gets all the candy in the bowl that is left.

  29. says

    I do not have any halloween recipes and no traditions either, my kids are 24 and 17 but my grandson trick or treats and we go with him some times.

  30. mary gardner says

    my favorite tradition is that we have an annual halloween party for all of the kids in the family

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  31. Lisa Fonseca says

    Our Halloween tradition is for me and my daughter to dress up alike, usually dead people lol.

    lisando at

  32. Cheryl Reinhardt says


  33. Aaron Bretveld says

    The favorite thing I make around halloween would be pumpkin bread. It has a ton of sugar and shortening in it but it is oh so good.

  34. carol lewis says

    Besides candy, we do our pumpkins, I put my Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin lit-up ornament out, and we watch that show.

  35. Andrea C says

    I just like to eat the treats, I don’t make a lot of fun things, but some cute ideas! My kids would love it!!

  36. Shelley P says

    We take the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out their own pumpkins : ) I also bake Halloween goodies for work, family and friends.

  37. Jennifer Reed says

    Are tradition for Halloween is to make vegetable beef soup in a crockpot so people can eat as they like and homemade bread for dinner.

  38. Tim Moss says

    I don’t really have a recipe or tradition but I definitely enjoyed it when I was little. Still enjoy the candy! 😉

  39. Kim L. says

    Those treats are fantastic! I love the broomsticks. My son’s school is big on healthy snacks but we’ll definitely be enjoying some chocolate broomsticks at our home party!

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